About My Practice:

"I am a firm believer that yoga has the power to improve everyone's quality of life. One of my favorite things about yoga is that it meets you where you are. When practicing yoga, it is important to remember that every body is different and to respect what your body needs. There are so many different styles of yoga out there that I know yoga can help you achieve your physical and spiritual goals."


Investing in Your Health


Unlike a traditional class setting, in a one-on-one session, the class is all about you. Andi will lead you through poses that benefit you specifically and help meet your personal wellness goals and needs.


Learn in the comfort of your own home where you are free from the anxiety of an intimidating studio or crowded gym class and where you can express health/wellness concerns freely with the guarantee of privacy.


Andi will develop specific sequences just for you and teach you how you can do those sequences on your own, as well as show you some mindfulness techniques and how to use what you have at home as props.


Learn that every body can do yoga, and let Andi help you find the path to poses that best suit you. Personalized classes will help you find the freedom to embrace your personal practice, and developing strength in the body and mind help cultivate confidence and self-worth.


Helping others understand the importance of self love and care is one of Andi's passions. You won't be able to take care of anyone or anything else if you aren't taking care of yourself. Show yourself you care. Invest in your own health and wellness.


Interested in investing in some self-care? Pricing and packages vary per studio/location. Click here to contact about pricing.

All of the below classes are offered in a virtual setting as well as in-person.

Restorative Yoga at Home


Healing & Restful

Restorative Yoga is a relaxing, meditative class that helps relieve mental and physical stress/tension. The mind and body relax while you slowly move through restful poses that are held for several minutes at a time supported by lots of comfy props. This is a great class for anyone who spends long hours standing or sitting at a desk, anyone experiencing chronic pain, as well as anyone who desires more rest and relaxation.

Restorative is a wonderful class to do at the end of the day to help get a good night's sleep. Contact Andi about special evening session times.

Yoga props & complimentary hot tea provided.

Private Vinyasa and Restorative Yoga


Strengthening & Healing

The first part of this class consists of an invigorating Vinyasa flow sequence tailored to your individual needs, followed by 30 minutes of Yin and Restorative. This class both rejuvenates and relaxes the body while helping to cultivate a physical and meditative practice.

60 or 90 minute class options.

Private Vinyasa Flow



This class includes Sun Salutations and emphasis on breath-linked movement. This class will be designed to fit your individual needs with poses chosen to help you achieve your personal yoga and fitness goals.

60 or 75 minute class options.

Art and Mindfulness


Integrating Yoga & Art in a Mindful Way

Art & Mindfulness is a program created by Andi Senatro that combines the benefits of yoga and meditation with mindful art projects that are designed to help the student focus inward and delve deeper within themselves.

To get more information on this new form of Mindfulness, please click below.

Yoga Symmetry


Partner Yoga is a great way for you and your friend or partner to strengthen your connection. It is a practice about giving and receiving and learning to rely on someone else as you and your partner help each other move deeper into certain poses and lend stability and support to one another in others. This type of practice cultivates physical and emotional support with your partner and helps develop trust in your partner as you learn to let go. Simultaneously, this practice helps develop self-awareness and trust in yourself.

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What we refer to as asana, or the practice of actively moving through yoga poses, literally translates as "a comfortable seat." Yoga, or asana practice, helps prepare the mind for meditation and helps the body to find a "comfortable seat." That's why one of the best times to practice meditation is following a yoga practice.

Consider trying a Guided Meditation after your Private Yoga Class with Andi.

Guided Meditation


Guided meditation helps students reach a deeper level of meditation and is a great way for beginners to find motivation and learn to focus their intentions. Let Andi help you find a comfortable meditation position or restorative pose, then allow her to guide you through a meditation chosen to best suit your needs and goals using visualization techniques, nature or other healing sounds, or your favorite meditation music.

Guided meditation sessions are offered in 15 or 30 minute session options and can be done in conjunction with another class.


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