Snow Meditation

Snowy Forest
Find a comfortable, quiet spot, and set yourself up in your favorite meditative pose. Take some time to connect to your breath and to find a nice supportive posture, taking care to support your back with your core, and maybe taking a breath in to lift and lower your shoulders, drawing shoulder blades towards one another. Maybe take another breath to see if you can lift slightly through the Crown of the head, like your leveling your chin with the ground. As you notice your breath, try to extend the length of your exhales so they are longer than your inhales. Do this for several breath cycles. Take a moment to consider if you'd like to set an intention for this time. After a few moments of consideration, if you'd like to set an Intention, seal it with a deep breath in, and a deep breath out.
Take some moments to feel gratitude for where you are right now, for the opportunity to enjoy and observe the falling snow from a safe, warm place. Take a moment to feel gratitude for its beauty.
Imagine that you are sitting in the center of a beautiful snowy meadow surrounded by trees with fluffy white flakes falling all around you. You are comfortable and warm, and the snow falling around you is peaceful and beautiful. The snow is sparkling as it falls, and you realize that it is the shining white light of the Universe covering the world around you. You take several breaths noticing the peaceful beauty all around. Then, imagine the top of your head opening up--sort of like you've taken a toboggan off--and see that sparkling white snowy light of the Universe pouring into you. The magical white light is slowly filling you up with Goodness, Light, Healing, Peace, and all the things that you need. It spills over from you and spreads all around you, mixing with the fallen snow. The white light spreading all over you, your community, your whole region, and extending as far as you can imagine.
The sparkling snow covers everything...making it new. Breathe in deeply, noticing the quiet, peaceful beauty all around you. Taking as long as you'd like here. As you're ready, envision putting your cap back on, closing up that portal to the snowy Universe, keeping in all the Goodness and Light you've gathered. Take a nice, deep breath in, drawing your arms up to chest height, then, exhaling, bringing hands to heart center. Anjuli mudra. Thank yourself for making this time for yourself, and bring to mind any Intention you set at the start of this meditation. Bow to yourself, to the falling snow, and to all the other who meditated on peacefulness with you at the same time across the World.
Then, take some deeper breaths in. Maybe wiggle your fingers, or slowly move your hands on your lap to help come back into your present space. When you're ready, slowly flutter your eyes open. 
White Snowflake
Snowy Forest